EOI: Critical Dialogues issue 15 (TIME)

The 15th edition of our bi-annual publication Critical Dialogues will focus on the editorial theme: ‘TIME’

We are calling for contributions from those engaged in dance (in whatever capacity) who are interested in reflecting on TIME as a choreographic tool, concept, or methodology. 

We are accepting expressions of interest from Australian based artists and writers and will commission 5 contributions, paid $350 AUD each. 

We are particularly interested in profiling different perspectives on TIME. The contributions can take form of an essay, poem, review, response, mind-mapping, conversation, photo essay, choreographic notes or sketches, and more. The length of the contribution should not exceed cca 1,000 words, with shorter contributions welcome. All contributions should be original texts that have not been published elsewhere.  

EOI close at midnight Friday 1 December 2023. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday 8 December and final texts will be due on Sunday 21 January 2024.  

Potential areas of focus, but not limited to:  

  • Time as a choreographic device (i.e. tempo/rhythm, speed, pause, length, etc.) 
  • Time as a conceptual theme (i.e. works that explore the concept of TIME) 
  • Dramaturgies of slower time  
  • Clock-time, progress, deadlines and fatigue  
  • Crip time 
  • First Nations perspectives on TIME 
  • Non-western, pre-industrial, anti-capitalist relationships to TIME 
  • TIME and climate change  
  • Productive and non-productive TIME 
  • Body and TIME

We particularly encourage First Nations contributions and perspectives on TIME. 




Any further enquiries, please contact Ira: [email protected]


IMAGE CREDIT: Lorenz attractor, by Paul Bourke



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