Every Day a Thing Workshop

10AM–11AM Responsive Program residents only

11AM–4PM Open nationally to professional choreographers, dancers and interdisciplinary artists. Submit your EOI at below.

Every Day a Thing proposes to develop a practice of co-working and co-thinking between artists. Siegmar will work with 8 Responsive Program residents on the making of new work, by practising ‘showing’ and watching material, and responding to it using a variety of feedback methods. Every Day a Thing is an invitation to each artist to work on their own process and at the same time to be interested in the processes of others through an embodied and experimental approach to dramaturgy. In applying themselves in this way, the participating artists will develop their own contextualisation and conceptualisation skills while offering the same skills development to the other participants.

The first hour of the workshop is limited to Responsive Program residents; the feedback sessions and showings will be open to additional dance-makers interested in developing a methodology for giving and receiving feedback at all stages of a work’s development.

Siegmar Zacharias is a performance maker, lecturer in performance and concept development (DOCH STockholm, HZT Berlin, DasArts Amsterdam). Currently she is undertaking practice-based research into the ecology of artistic practices.


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