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Experimental Choreographic Extension Residency

Ivey Wawn

Critical Path in collaboration with Performance Space has been supporting the development of new presentation outcomes of Ivey Wawn’s In Perpetuity project. During her residency at the Drill, Ivey created live and recorded materials for her project. The developed video work of is now part of Liveworks 2021

Ivey: “It was such a treat to get to work on something in the middle of a lockdown, especially with such a wonderful group of people. But, my goodness it’s tricky trying to get all of this together in such trying times. I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful space and support that Critical Path provides – the Drill Hall… the best. I love it down there.” 

In Perpetuity investigates the rhythms that bodies are trained into at the demands of capital accumulation. In Perpetuity has been developed during Ivey’s Experimental Choreographic Residency in 2019. Experimental Choreographic Residency is a partnership between Critical Path and Performance Space. 

Image Credit: Hyun Lee and Dimitri Zaunders. 

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