Experimental Choreographic Residency

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Experimental Choreographic Residency 2021

Rebecca Jensen

The Experimental Choreographic Residency (ECR) is presented by Critical Path and Performance Space. The ECR supports a 2-week period of research & creative development that explores experimental or interdisciplinary approaches to choreography. 

This year, the ECR is awarded to Rebecca Jensen for the development of her new work, Dolphin Caller. This project works with choreography and sound using whirly instruments produced from corrugated hosing of different lengths and diameters. Harmonic Whirlies, also known as ‘blugals’ or ‘dolphin callers’ are designed and created by Australian musician Sarah Hopkins.  This project delves into archives, looking at Australian performance works employing the Whirlies – relying heavily on oral history and memory, acquiring knowledge through conversations, considering how movement, sound and process is remembered and transmitted without video or physical presence, developing dialogues within the choreographic, experimental and interdisciplinary art lineage in Australia.

Dolphin Caller celebrates multiplicity and complexity in creating art, looking at process, context, fact, fiction and how ephemeral work lives on beyond performance. Those involved become part of the archive and in web-like, non-linear pathways information, ideas, and influence spreads. 

Artist Workshop with Rebecca Jensen

Call out for Dance, Movement and Performance Artists

As part of this residency, Rebecca is hosting a workshop on Wednesday 26th May 3-6pm. Artists who work with dance, movement and performance are invited to join Rebecca for an afternoon working between sonic and choreographic composition alongside this new experimental work. You will be working with movement and Harmonic Whirlies, which are instruments produced from corrugated hosing of different lengths and diameters. Designed by musician Sarah Hopkins, Harmonic Whirlies, also known as ‘blugals’ or ‘dolphin callers’ can be tuned and played in a variety of melodic and percussive ways. Rebecca will share the practices and processes developed in her residency considering ephemerality, archives, memory, and wind. The workshop will build a group composition over a 3-hour session and is free to attend.

When: Wednesday 26th May, 3pm-6pm

Where: Critical Path (1C New Beach Rd, Darling Point NSW 2027)

To take part in the workshop you must register through this link before Wed 19th May, 5pm.


Images by Rebecca Jensen.

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