FREE WORKSHOP: Reverse Engineering The Shannon Technique

Workshop for more experienced dancers and physical performers.

In this high energy workshop Bill Shannon will teach rhythm, holding patterns and body positions invented over his life of dance and play on crutches. Workshop participants will be mentally and physically challenged to improvise ways of recreating Bill’s dance on crutches in real time without their own use of crutches. This workshop offers able-bodied dancers an opportunity to experience the challenges of a physical translation process of an existing dance technique that is not based in the assumption or patterns of an able body. Participants will work in the way that disabled dancers have historically worked, by inventing a translation of the form that adopts the aesthetic from the standpoint of an alternate physicality than the one the form is based in.

Bill Shannon is an interdisciplinary artist and maker who explores body-centric work through video installation, sculpture, linguistics, sociology, choreography, dance and politics. Bill has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in Choreography, a Foundation for Contemporary Art Fellowship in Performance Art. Bill’s immersion in the emergent youth cultures of hip-hop and skateboarding further contributed to his autodidactic form on crutches. In addition to his work as a performer, Bill frequently lectures on his performance practice and the phenomenological and linguistic framing he has created around his street practice globally.

More information and queries at [email protected] | p: 02 9362 9403


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