Fusing Indonesian Javanese Traditional and Lengger Banyumasan Dance Arts

Open to 15 Australian choreographers/dancers. EOIs due 1 Sep

Wayang in body machine is inspired by Javanese traditional ‘wayang’. This workshop will explore the traditional dance relationship between audience, ritual, and elements of traditional Javanese and Banyumas dance from the original Banyumas community and Royal Palace of Surakarta. The workshop will give people the chance to learn about Rianto’s dance practice and to discuss the relationship between traditional and modern techniques.

Rianto is the artistic director of Dewandaru Dance Company in Tokyo. Rianto began learning and performing Javanese dance in 1997, and since 2001 he has developed it into a contemporary practice. He graduated from the Academy of Dance (ISI) Surakarta. He mastered the traditional dance of Lengger Banyumasan at a very young age, and has performed internationally with choreographer and director, including Akiko Kitamura (Japan), Sen Hea Ha (Korea) and Chen Shi Zheng (China).

Photo: Choy Ka Fai

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