Hacking The Anthropocene – Further Research

Building on Critical Path’s Choreo-Hack lab in January, participating artists Jodie McNeilly, Henrietta Baird and Sarah Pini undertake a further research week to take forward ideas and connections raised during the lab.

Their explorations situate different choreographic practices in relation to the ideas and issues of the Anthropocene – a proposed epoch dating from the commencement of significant human impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. This includes but is not limited to anthropogenic climate change.

Sarah Pini

Sarah Pini & Jestin George have started developing a visual work inspired by the ideas they explored during the Lab, that they framed in their short essay ‘Synthetic Organisms’ featured in Critical Dialogues Vol. 11.

Sarah and Jestin are working on a video installation series displaying multiple frames simultaneously (4 channels video) to open an unusual perspective to ‘Laboratory Life’ and the human and non-human organisms that inhabit it. Their visual work will lead the viewer to explore synthetic biology’s core principles choreographically.

Jodie McNeilly

Jodie has been developing a practice precisely around the work from the lab during her time at Critical Path and ReadyMade. She is anticipating to work with MAAS to present workshops based on this practice that connect with the museum’s collection.

Henrietta Baird

Henrietta is reconnecting with the conversations she had with Indigenous elders and colleagues around the lab process and their own ideas & work. She will also be looking at the next steps working with the ideas, especially with relation the Eucalyptus species.

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