Research Residencies

Holly Craig

2022 Research Residency

Exploring belonging, connection, community and place, Queer Blind dance artist and maker Holly Craig works collaboratively, opening and holding space for a collective experience of dance that is not centred upon visual sight.

For their 2022 Critical Path Research Residency, Holly explores sound-based languages which support non-sighted navigation of space whilst dancing and communication between collaborators when improvising and/or sharing individual movement languages.

During their research residency, Holly continue the collaborative development of these non-sighted sound-based practice methods as a means of deeply investigating their potential to:

  • Create space for safe and authentic artistic expression and collaboration;
  • Foster and strengthen creative connections founded upon trust and reciprocity; and
  • Open space for respectful cross-cultural exchange and learning, particularly in relation to the sharing of lived histories related to individual dance practices/movement languages.

Holly conducted their first set of experimentations with choreographer and dancer Victoria Hunt, Jeremy Lowrenčev, musicians Jochen Gutsch and Trevor Brown in early April.

Image credits: Image1 – Photo taken by Iris Shen during Holly Craig`s 2022 Research Residency, Image 2 – Video still by Jochen Gutsch, filmed during Holly Craig`s 2022 Research Residency. 

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