Improvisation Practices Symposium

Partners: Immediations: Art and Event, Mini MoveMe Festival (STRUT Dance)

Workshops open to choreographers/dancers. Expressions of interest due 10 Oct

Improvisation raises many issues around the nature of choreography, performance and authorship. In the relationship between improvisation and other approaches to choreography the themes of authenticity, presence, habit and technique become foregrounded. This symposium encourages dance makers, researchers and transdisciplinary practitioners to explore these different strands, and to learn from each other in an environment that stimulates discussion and the trading of skills.

Workshops in the symposium will be offered by Kate Champion, Alice Cummins, Victoria Hunt, Tony Osborne, Alejandro Rolandi, Dean Walsh with a performance evening curated by Ryuichi Fujimura and Emma Saunders. The Immediations: Art and Event hub will join workshops and discussions extending their research on how creation occurs at the intersection of different practices and on the methods in which research-creation can be a form of knowledge production in its own right. The ten days will be co-organised by Martin del Amo and Caterina Mocciola.

“This symposium is a must-experience for all those interested in and excited by improvisational practices. It’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity to watch performances and participate in workshops by a diverse range of practitioners – all experts in either improvisation as performance or the exploration of improvisation as an important choreographic research tool.” (Martin del Amo)

Alejandro Rolandi. Photo courtesy Alejandro Rolandi.

Kate Champion. Photo: Lisa Tomasetti

Emma Saunders, Dancing With Myself showing, Carriageworks, Oct 2013. Image: Heidrun Löhr


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