International and intercultural exchange is a cornerstone of our work at Critical Path – part of our core vision to broaden the horizons of contemporary dance, and nurture new perspectives and collaborations for Australian dance practice.

In line with this vision, Critical Path has sent local dance artists abroad to the UK, India, Japan and Germany and, since our inception, has hosted over 100 artists from around the globe at our home studio in Sydney.

We are proud to continue this tradition with Interchange – a five-year initiative which focuses our programming on the value of exchange opportunities.

The many benefits of the Interchange Initiative have been:

  • the opportunity to seed new collaborations across cultures and countries
  • the opportunity to challenge (and reinvigorate) current approaches to dance practice, both aesthetically and culturally
  • the opportunity to forge new networks for creative learning, research and development.

Dance is so deeply linked to culture, place and people. Exchange, particularly international or cultural exchange, seems essential to challenge and broaden bodily assumptions, methodologies, habits, ideas and processes. Collaboration that involves the exchange of physical languages cannot help but influence your ways of thinking about dance”. Miranda Wheen (Dance4 Exchange Resident, Nottingham, UK 2004)

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