Fully DIPPED is an Investigate/Extend residency that will rekindle a research spark ignited during Dean’s Australia Council Fellowship (2011-2012). Dean will investigate the potential to evolve what was a twenty-hour durational score of evolving embodiments beyond its function as open practice play, researching its potential as a forty hour full-saturation choreographic process in its own right.

“I describe it as Directives-led Improvisation Passage, Processing & Evolving Distillations (DIPPED). Each day the score picks up directly from where the previous day left us. We continue to move through its chronological ‘stations’ of specific modalities, tasks, responses, sensory inhabitations, modifications, adaptations, inscriptions, shared directing/editing, embellishments, disruptions and distillations. We aim to create a thriving, diverse movement environment together constantly evolving material, all recorded on video for later reflection, rather than fixate on choreographic ‘assets’ at each point of discovery. Post forty-hour immersion we will discuss our notes and video captures ready for compositional research.”

Dean Walsh is a dance practitioner and scuba diver with more than twenty years experience in dance and choreography in Australia, Europe, UK, Japan and the US. He researches marine biology, ecology and conservation.

Dean Walsh, Fully DIPPED, 2012. Photo: Heidrun Löhr


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