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Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal 

2023 Critical Path Australia-Asia Research Fellowship

Jade Dewi is collaborating with artists Ria Soemardjo, Justin Shoulder, Mathew Stegh and dramaturg Rachel Swain, focusing on water ecologies and experimenting with intimate audience-performer relationships.  Embodying the fluid evolution of lifeforms from ocean to land, human embryology, infant developmental movement and archetypes of traditional ecological wisdom. Tracking disasters that destroy communities and familiar environments cause forced migration, adaptation and asylum. And Mapping transient moving shelters, shelters rebuilding social interaction and shelters transforming over what remains.


Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal is a dancer, facilitator, choreographer and interdisciplinary dancemaker. Her work has been made and shared nationally and internationally. Jade is born in Darkinjung Country with a Javanese heritage that is directly descended from Yogyakarta’s first Sultan and Borobudur temple and equally Australian English convict-settler, Scottish Celtic and Viking. Jade Dewi collaborates with theatre, film and visual art makers, festivals, professional and pre-professional dancers and dance companies, including Movement Research NYC, Miami Dance Futures, The Bodycartography Project, Mirramu Dance Company, ImpulsTanz DanceWeb, PAF, Victorian Opera, Chunky Move, Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Critical Path, Angourie Dance Youth Project, Arts Northern Rivers, NORPA, Beyond Empathy, Sprung!! and Outback Theatre for Young People.  She dedicates much of her dance practice to creating solo performance works and working collaboratively with dance companies as a performer. A choreographer, performance maker, community cultural development practitioner and internationally trained dancer, her work is as interdisciplinary and intercultural as it is grounded in inclusive spirituality and a deep personal reverence for place, nature and leaving the world better than she found it.


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Hero images: Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal and Ria Soemardjo – Image credit Gregory Lorenzutti
Profile – Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal, image by Matthew Syres

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