January 2024 in the Drill Hall

9 to 11 January: Noha Ramadan and Charlie Laban Trier worked on the project ‘When ghosts dance, speculative gods respond’.

16 to 18 January: Carmen Yih, the recipient of Critical Path / Sharp Short Dance Space Grant (partnership with FORM Dance Projects’), developed material for a new street-dance theatre work ‘M_N’.

26 to 30 January: Luxembourg-based choreographer Jill Crovisier with dancer Emma Riches delved deep into a character work around horse races (pictured below).

18, 19, 29, 30 January: Pepa Molina and Martin del Almo explored composition and dramaturgy of the solo form and the pre-music mediated movement.

23 to 25 January: Visual and performance artist Katya Petetskaya conducted research in ‘Object Choreography’ (pictured above).

31 Jan to 2 Feb: Lucy Doherty explored the ways that working with fabric and the practice of sewing might inform movement creation and vice versa.



Image #1: Katya Petetskaya researching ‘Object Choreography’. Drill Hall, January 2024. Image by Patrick Colozzi.

Image #2: Dancer Emma Riches in choreography by Jill Crovisier. Drill Hall, January 2024. Image by Jill Crovisier.

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