While in the Drill Hall Angela will be undertaking practice based research which will feed into her new work Desert Body Creep which will premiere at the Next Wave Festival 2016 in May.

Desert Body Creep feeds on the corpse of a post, post-everything world. Turning fear and horror into an imaginary force, it explores the transition from dead to undead, proposing a strategy towards new forms of life.

Drawing from the long history of fictional worms in our cultural imagination – as agents of fear, invasion, and monstrosity – Desert Body Creep repositions the worm as the protagonist in a world of contemporary decay. Through its churning of the earth, and cyclic action of demolition and rearticulation, worms offer a chance at transformation.

Performed by a dancer and an oversized gummi worm, Desert Body Creep wriggles and writhes through a hallucinatory landscape, inviting a parasitic invasion to produce new forms of flesh from the compost of history. More Zombie than Pheonix, this new dance work constructs a simulation of natural forces, through which the body emerges as an unnatural entity – redefining itself for an uncertain future.

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay), Sydney