Misuse/Displace: Strategies for Installation and Performance

Open to 10 Australian choreographers/dancers. Honorarium provided. Expressions of interest due 1 September.
Participants in this lab are invited to attend the SEAM Symposium, registration fee waived.

Working in the studio and out in the local area, participants will explore the interaction of object, body and location to make live image actions for performance or installation.

Kate presents tools and games that she has often used in her own work, where the behaviour of objects and materials push forward the ideas in the performance. Participants can then explore these strategies practically for themselves, both individually and collaboratively.

The work comes directly from Kate’s fascination with scenography, with the physical traces left by actions, and with the ambiguity of metaphors generated by playing with materials. In her own work this is often explored through the tension of misusing or displacing objects in unexpected and disconcerting relations.

Kate McIntosh is an artist working across the boundaries of performance, theatre, video and installation. From New Zealand and now based in Brussels, she has collaborated and performed with Wendy Houstoun, Meryl Tankard, Forced Entertainment, Cie Michèle Anne de Mey, Random Scream, Simone Aughterlony, Eva Meyer-Keller, Tim Etchells and many more.


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