A platform designed to develop an inquiry outside of existing frameworks that categorize art and performance into specific genres. By starting a conversation with like-minded artists we begin to question our knowledge through sharing.  SHARING IS THE NEW ENCOUNTER.

NOTHING was originally conceived by artist Yiorgos Zafiriou (; events were a forum for artists to try new ideas before an audience that was made up of strictly those presenting a work.

Now curated and facilitated by Diane Busuttil NOTHING continues to grow in new directions spawning a cross fertilization of artistic endeavor and collaborations. Editions 6 and 7 will be open to a wider audience, whilst edition 8 remains a presenters only event.

Participating artists can invite the audience for an experiment or open up an existing practice. Each event includes conversation which allows for dialogue and the opening up of specific questions – this is driven by the needs and interests of the participating artists.

“To manifesto is to perform” states Alex Danchev in his introduction to 100 Artists’ Manifestos. Can art exist independently of politics? Why do we need manifestos?

We will discuss two manifestos, Yvonne Rainer’s No manifesto and Valerie Solanis’s S.C.U.M. manifesto.
CALLOUT: would you like to perform a manifesto – your own or one of the two mentioned above?

Focussed on artists working in the field of caring, to question the ways in which we help each other through service, through art and through participation. We will construct an interactive contemporary care unit and invite people to experience what it is like to be cared for.

CALLOUT: what care can artists offer people? What activity would you like to offer in our care unit?

Bring Naked Back
To confront instinctive reactions to the flesh which may be considered as familiar, sexual, decorative and/or an abstract inaccessible subject, and ask, what does the naked form represent and expose in performance.

This is a participation only event – the only “audience” members will be other artists working with the naked form.
CALLOUT:  looking for artists who work with the naked form to discuss and share their work ethics and practices.

If you would like to participate in one of the above-mentioned events, please contact Diane Busuttil on [email protected] with a CV and a short synopsis of how you would like to contribute. All participants (5 or 6 for each event), will perform, present and share some part of their working process. This can also be a platform to try out something new and outside of your comfort zone.

Diane Busuttil has performed internationally with a diverse range of artistic groups in the capacity of dancer, actor, acrobat, teacher, choreographer, producer and director. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance from The University of Western Sydney and has recently completed a Master of Research Degree at MQU. In 2000, she was awarded a DAAD scholarship to study at The International Women’s University in Germany and remained there for the next fifteen years working in dance theatre, theatre and opera. Her short films have screened extensively at International Queer and Women’s film festivals.

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Critical Path

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