Space Residency

Karen Kerkhoven & Collaborators

On the Cusp to the Future

The latest iteration of On the Cusp will be going online internationally through collaborations with existing artist residencies and Atelier Pilar Güell, Barcelona, Spain from October 16 – 18 2020.

There will be some material from On the Cusp 2019 presented with material made in the present, based on talks with creators about how the works spoke to them of the future. They will use video and digital streaming to take audiences through digital outcomes of performances that were going to be presented in real-time.

The creators will have a week-long Space Residency in August to make material in this present environment, which in this uncertain time through the universal language of dance has already been leading them to dance together in lock down with others from Russia, Arizona and Australia, to name a few countries .

Image credit: Waking Dreamer (2018) Isabella Coluccio for “On the  Cusp”. Photographer Shawny House

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