Philippe Blanchard (UK/FR/SW) born in France as a choreographer he has created independent and commissioned performances at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance and the European dance companies for nearly twenty years. His works develop into installation-like studies with skilled performers and untrained performers, his expression in a continual process of investigation.

Philippe invites a large group of individuals (up to 50) to join his studio research. He will guide participants through group movement practice. This is intended to be part of a series of open experiences with different groups of people whether they are trained or untrained in dance, and performance.

Mon 13 Nov |  1-5pm
Tue 14 Nov |  5-9pm
Wed 15 Nov | 1-5pm
Thu 16 Nov | 5-9pm
Fri 17 Nov | 10-2pm

Sessions are free. You can attend as many sessions as you want. Booking is essential via surveymonkey.

The 21st century is a time where we see our bodies as a representation of oneself, or as a capsule of locomotion that enables us to travel from one place to another. I am fundamentally interested in re-discovering and using the more authentic body, through a connection to a deeper self. As a sensorial tool, the body takes information from both its inner and outer space. I would like to concentrate on the effect of the outer on the inner and on the unconscious processing of that information into movement.

My interest lies as much in the research that leads to a physical practice as it does in a political discourse raising questions on communities and mass movement. I am intrigued by the articulation of a community and how this community moves, flees, escapes and yet stays together.

My research is focusing on community and crowd movement in the physical sense but also related to social political questions. The reasons of being together, stuck together, fight together, escape together, dance together.

I choose to come to Australia because of it history, its geographical scale and spaces between the communities, which is extremely different than in Europe or perhaps not. My visit in Australia is based on studying on that topic and the place of the body in modern society.
Philippe Blanchard

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