Open Studio: April

Kristina Chan
Kristina will be exploring ideas around rituals and transformation and how these intangible ideas might translate into a more physical form.

Matt Cornell
Matt will be further developing his exploration of cosmopolitan folk dance that he has been working through during the previous open studios he has also participated in.

Sue Healey
Sue is interested in organising and creating some material for her new commission for the New Zealand Dance Company, which she is further developing in May/June this year. This work is a major international commission and she will be choreographing a new 35 minute work involving a live orchestra playing Max Richter’s 4 Seasons -Recomposed.

Laura Osweiler and Paul Osborne continue their cross-disciplinary explorations into rhizome theory as a site of choreographic processes. This had lead them to focus on materiality and immateriality of the body, fragmentation and layering.

Annalouise Paul
Annalouise will be working on further processes for Self Portrait, a solo work she has been developing in a series of open studios. She is interested in looking at body points and shifting pathways using these said points. In addition to this, she will also explore the sensations of sound and impact of percussive movement coming from the feet, and where and how this tracks through my body, potentially as an impulse for creating movement.

Adam Warburton
Adam will be working on a performance that explores house dance and how it can be deconstructed. The work will be performed at PACT Theatre as part of the ‘Big Bounce’, a night of art, dance and performances curated by Matt Cornell on the 29th April.

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