Open Studio: August

Kimberley Hammerton is researching and choreographing 21 poems by the Austrian poet Ingeborg Bachmann and music of Hanz Werne Henze.

Tracey Kay is performing her experience of chronic acute pain. Recently, she began researching teachers and students who are over 50 yrs in age, that is through ballet, circus & performance / training history. The 3 areas fore mentioned are for exploration choreographically to create a new physical dialogue, seek self definition and perform with her now body. The impetus being recognition of her performance skills memory, to nurture and accept her older, physically challenged body that knows chronic acute pain for 9 yrs, by commanding permission from herself, to see herself without comparisons and to be dynamic.

Callum Mooney is researching the Idea of Dehumanisation as a result of modern day technology, social media. The idea is that a human can be stripped of their bodily senses. He explores  movement qualities such as over articulating shapes and strength, and progress to a limp-like quality where movement and mobility is limited. Also collapsing in to the floor and out of the floor through transitions and varying pathways.

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay), Sydney