Open Studio July


Lux Eterna will use the space to develop further Bodyweather based long durational performance for video; generating studio devised work based on the same elemental sensitivity as that created in the Dunes. A collaboration with Kirsten Packham and Kathryn Puie.

Matt Cornell is finding the form of his folk dance, the traditional dance of a society defined by cosmopolitanism.

Geraldine Balcazar is exploring concepts behind the practices of Tino Sehgal, Marina Abramovic, Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu, and looking further into her past experiences with each one of the artists together with her own practice.

Omer and Sharon Backley-Astrachan are continuing development of their work TOHU. This is ongoing work to create durational performance exploring the big themes of life, death and creation.

Smadar Goshen’s research regards the absurd genre in different artistic areas and experiments with performing absurd ideas mainly taken from literature and poetry via movement.

Bonnie Cowan will be trialling performative-reflections of interactions between herself and others. She will use movement and text to ‘reflect’ the tone of interactions with those she enters into a one-on-one engagement with.

Kirsten Packham is a cross-disciplinary artist exploring the body as abstract material. Her work is informed by the mutual interaction of drawing processes, perception and BodyWeather. She is in the beginning stages of developing a new work.

Karen Kerkhoven will be offering a development workshop based on her practice; dancers and visual artists and those who cross artform who are interested to join: PLACE – SPACE – TRACE.



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Critical Path

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