Open Studio: March

Stella Chen and Geraldine Balcazar Coming from  politically charged and cultural diverse backgrounds, they both share a common interest in the role women play in traumatic times, particularly focusing on intergenerational trauma. They needed a physical space to move and contemplate ideas through our cross disciplinary exchange, and exploring the sensory body

Matt Cornell is working on his cosmopolitan folk dance.

Anthony Coxeter is researching a new work Five Geographies: The Phantom Dwelling of Judith Wright and Nugget Coombs. This has been scheduled as a ‘dance installation’ in Canberra at Gorman House, and involves the transposition of five episodes in the late-life love affair between Judith Wright and Nugget Coombs into ‘geographies’ that function has implied choreographies for audiences to navigate. He is collaborating with the established Chilean-Australian architect Sebastian Silva.

Bonnie Curtis is researching an idea for integrating social and political commentary into movement. She is at the beginning stage of developing a new work and would like to see what movement can be developed from stimulus including federal Parliament sittings and political topics that effect everyday Australians.

Lux Eterna, Kirsten Packham and Sarah Pini are developing a sensitivity training system through movement, somatic work, touch and imagination. Lux is also devising, choreographing and rehearsing the next dance choruses for her next two films.

Raghav Handa filmed sequences from his residency last year.

Dr Lian Loke and Kirsten Packman are currently working on somatic and kinesthetic based movement explorations.

Timothy Ohl It was the first day of physically being on the floor to sprout the seed for a new work. It transformed the concept and direction of the piece, of which he could not foresee until being in a studio. It gave him the opportunity to explore lighting effects with set design in the expansive space Critical Path has to offer.

Annalouise Paul is working on her processes for solo work self portrait, looking at body points (Dance DNA) and shifting pathways using these. She also explored sound coming from the feet and impact of percussion and where and how this tracks through her body, potentially as an impulse for creating movement. Additionally, she was rehearsing flamenco drills and performance material and meeting with an Australian dancer in Singapore for the new work Singlish and with Adelina Larsson about their practices.

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