A space grant residency made available to independent choreographers from NSW to develop ideas previously proposed to Critical Path as a research project. The choreographers will work in an open studio format which encourages cross-fertilization of ideas and skills, while each artist has their own project interests.

Rakini Devi
To continue developing the choreographic component of a new (unfunded) work that was initiated through 2 very short residencies in April/May this year. This first stage development was split into two artist residencies. The first was a two-week Qlab residency at the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Penrith. This period was mainly spent collaborating with filmmaker Sam James, to develop concepts on film, projection & lighting in relation to two installations in the space designed by me. The second was a week residency through Ausdance Dair at RMW.

Florence Jiguet, Erin Barney & Kieran Mitchell
We would love to share our different backgrounds to explore multi-dimensional movement and contact improvisation for a new artistic project. Mixing arts and combining our differences, in the present moment. Making a strength of our differences.

Lucy Doherty
I am looking to begin developing some choreography for my second full length work “Mandala.” I’m interested in connecting new audiences to experience live dance and as someone who is also interested in Yoga and the relation between yoga and dance practices Id like to market this show to the Yoga community and potentially have it shown at yoga and wellness festivals.

Pixie Enright-Hallett
I’m interested in using the studio at Critical Path during October to reinvent a dance and movement practice for myself. I have been collating ideas through images and writing and I have a continual improvisation practise at home. I would like to further this and explore possibilities for a more consistent practise, with the aim of setting up specific projects and improving confidence to come back to movement with others.Lux Eterna & Kirsten Packham
We want to explore and develope a dance work using fabric and/or new long durational movement work involving salt and it’s various states over time.  We have had one half day earlier this year which was extremely useful in exploring how water penetrates rocks. This time I seek to move, dance and choreograph alongside Kirsten as to make use of the space and embody more of my own experience as a dancer before again subordinating to digital technology.

Sue Healey
I am preparing to make a new work The 4 Seasons  – a commission from the New Zealand Dance Company – a rework of a piece I made for WWAPA last year. I am wanting studio space to rework and distill movement material from the original piece and trial some projection ideas.
Image: Rakini Devi, The Drill Hall 2016.

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