Ozfrank Nobbs Suzuki Praxis Workshop Series 2022

Ozfrank is bringing to The Drill a workshop series of theatre’s most dynamic physical training system, the Nobbs Suzuki Praxis (NSP)

From Sunday 6 October through to Sunday 16th October, Ozfrank is running a series of six Nobbs Suzuki Praxis workshop sessions. Critical Path is offering supported places for the full series. See the workshop schedule here.

The bursary supported places were provided to Olivia Hadley, Samuel Beazley, Steve Lu and Melody Rachel.


This workshop series is part of a larger program Ozfrank is running in October.

The Nobbs Suzuki Praxis In development since the 1970s by Japanese maestro Tadashi Suzuki, and known in the west since the 1980s, the Suzuki Method of Actor Training (SMAT) has been widely acknowledged, but often misread as a spartan movement form of limited real-world application for actors. 

A response to the universal potential of the SMAT, the NSP has grown alongside and in support of OzFrank Theatre Film’s aesthetic under the direction of Jacqui Carroll since 1992, and has been used to train actors the world over. 

OzFrank Theatre Film is a dedicated ensemble of actors, directors, choreographers, designers, technicians, film makers, dancers and musicians reworking traditional plays, writing original material and creating innovative performances and films. 


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