Our second residency at Mirramu this year will be with I-Chin Lin (Taiwan) and Lisa Maris McDonell (NSW). For two weeks, the artists will work alongside each other sharing the residency space, engage with each other, with local artists and with the broader community as part of their process.

Mirramu and Critical Path are partnering to offer a two-year program to support the development of connections between the local community around Lake George (Weereewa) and regional & international artists.

With acute and keen observation as the foundation of her work, I-Chin has demonstrated an exquisite and fluent style that conveys poetic beauty and tension. Lately, she has become interested in how an individual is nurtured by the surrounding environment as well as how dancing is created through bodily movements. Most recently she has adopted a methodology of field research.

Lisa will be transporting her current daily choreographic practice (which involves meditative movement and improvisation in order to enter a deep state of physiological listening) to the Lake George area. In response to the bodily findings met through this practice, she will work with video and sound to produce footage that may become part of a performance work and / or be an entity in themselves.

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