Research Collaboration

Hybrid-performance artist Kate McIntosh will engage in a two week research/development process toward the creation of her new work, exploring the visualisation of sound through movement. Kate has invited Angela Goh and Lizzie Thomson to witness and partner in the final stage of her process, with collaborator Bree van Reyk. This project has been devised as a unique approach to collaboration in the final phases of a work’s development, commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Kate will be teaching a workshop at Lucy Guerin Inc in Melbourne from 3–6 Aug. For more information go to

Kate McIntosh is a New Zealand artist based in Belgium whose work straddles the boundaries of performance, theatre and installation. With offbeat humour and moments of lucid thought, Kate’s work balances on the thin line between experiment and entertainment.

Angela Goh is a performer and choreographer based in Sydney and currently sits on the Critical Path committee as an artist representative.

Lizzie Thomson is a local choreographer whose recent dance were supported and presented by Campbelltown Arts Centre. Lizzie is currently teaching dance at the School of Arts and Media, UNSW.

Kate McIntosh, 2011. Photo: Dirk Rose

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