Research Residency

While in residence at Critical Path Matthew will research the construction of a new choreographic diagram that will support the realization of his upcoming series of work Figures for Landscapes.

Figures for landscapes is a series for seven dancers which migrates across multiple sites inhabiting a new environment each time it’s performed.

While in residence at Critical Path Matthew will focus his attention on the problem  of how dancing and choreography are always entangled material-discursive phenomena, or to ask it another way: how is dancing always already choreographic?

Developing tactics and technologies to move beyond and between the stubborn binaries of dance/choreography, subject/object, interior/exterior Matthew’s research is invested in the ontological ground of dancing processes.

Matthew Day (1979) is interested in the potential of dance and choreography to generate unorthodox relations and to rehearse and perform new modes of existence. Utilising a minimalist approach Day often works with duration and repetition approaching the body as a site of infinite potential and choreography as a field of energetic intensity and exchange.

Raised in Sydney, Matthew was a teenage ballroom dancing champion. He studied Dance and Performance Studies in Sydney and Melbourne (2003-2005) and in 2016 completed a masters at DAS Choreography, Amsterdam. His solo works have been presented in Australia and Europe in a variety of frameworks since 2007. He has performed in the works of notable choreographers including Phillip Adams BalletLab, Andrea Bozic and Julia Willms, Tim Darbyshire, Luke George, Helen Grogan, Xavier Leroy, Donna Miranda, Noha Ramadan, Brooke Stamp, David Weber Krebbs.

Matthews work is characterized by it’s migration across artistic disciplines, cultural contexts and performance formats. His new work Figures for Landscapes is a durational choreography for seven dancers and will premiere in the context of FLAM live art festival, Amsterdam, September 2018.

Image credits
Cover: Figures for Landscapes rehearsal (Jacuzzi Studio)
performer: Estefano Romani

Other images: Figures for Landscapes rehearsal (Vondelpark Rosarium)
performer: Tamir Eting

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