Research Residency

This week, a collaboration between Annalouise and Toby, is to kick-start a research project that will investigate how traditional dance forms (specifically Flamenco) and new technologies can meet; using responsive interactive environments designed by Toby. The research will focus on disrupting traditional flamenco movement pathways and improvisation structures and using interactive technology to extract and expose the underlying patterns and rhythms in Flamenco. Toby and Annalouise first collaborated on her 2014 work Mother Tongue using motion-tracking technologies with body percussion.

Annalouise Paul is a dance maker and performer whose choreographic works explore identity and transformation through the intersection of traditional and contemporary dance forms. Trained in contemporary dance and flamenco dance severally, recent questions examine hybridism from the existence of multiple cultural affinities within the single body.

Toby Knyvett is a designer that creates immersive environments for large-scale public events. His research relates to this project focuses on human expression that can be extracted by broadly trained neural networks and reading human emotion from the responsiveness of the technology.

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