Thomas is spending time in far north east NSW and also at NORPA to research his new project WOLLUMBIN WARNING.

WOLLUMBIN WARNING is a project that is exploring the cultural, historical, spiritual and physical aspects that tell the story of the former volcano, the first sun lit part of the Australian country, the warrior and cloud shrouded peak that is Mt Wollumbin / Warning situated on Bundjalung country, far north east NSW. Wollumbin is an untold story of indigenous and non-indigenous existence, a portal between two worlds, the amalgamation that shows just how much more important this site is instead of being just another landmark to conquer.

Choreographer: Thomas E.S. Kelly
Composer: Alyx Dennison

Original Cast: Thomas E.S. Kelly, Taree Sansbury, Libby Montilla, Jessica Holman, Caleena Sansbury, Natalie Pelarek, Yukino McHugh & Theo Cassady


Thomas E.S. Kelly is a proud Bundjalung and Wiradjuri man of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. He studied at NAISDA Dance College and graduated in 2012. Thomas is an artist that works with multiple art forms which include choreography, dance, theatre, music composition, puppetry and teaching. Thomas’ performance credits include: Long Grass and  Les Festivities Lubrufie (Vicki Van Hout); Am I and Trolleys (Shaun Parker & Company); Dinosaur Zoo (ERTH Visual & Physical Inc); 1770: A Tale Not Often Told (Founding Modern Australia). Thomas creates work that offers audiences an opportunity to learn about Aboriginal Australia and where that fits into to the modern world. Acknowledging the past, to understand the present, to better the future, knowledge is a source of power and it must be shared. Thomas choreographic credits include: [MIS]CONCEIVE, Next Wave Festival 2016.

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