Research Room

“I had an absolutely amazing time last week, being able to think, read, write, move, meet and engage with amazing and brilliant Australian artists and scholars in a beautiful setting”.

For this research residency, Chloé will be working in collaboration with Australian choreographer Jane McKernan. Together they will be exploring the premises of a new project entitled On the Horizon, focusing on individual and collective perceptions of expansive spaces and the horizon. Chloé and Jane will be using their own biographical narratives as starting points to uncover how spatial experiences can differ and shape us when growing up and living in France or in Australia, whether in an urban flat or a home surrounded by open spaces. Drawing from a combination of readings and writing tasks, field trips and interviews with experts (such as architects, geographers and somatic practitioners), they will investigate how our everyday experiences of living in a particular type of space and landscape inform our experience and understanding of what is at stake when thinking of and looking at the horizon.

Chloé Déchery is a French performer and theatre-maker based in London. Her performance work, noted for its humoristic and insightful quality, is based on a combination of everyday choreography, text-based narratives, video interviews and found objects, blurring the frontiers between fact and fiction.

Chloé Déchery, 2009. Photo: Damien Eley

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