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whatsthebigmistry - Priya Mistry

whatsthebigmistry is Priya Mistry, multidisciplinary artist, socially engaged practitioner and creative producer.

Priya’s work straddles performance, dance, live and visual art, working locally across the U.K and internationally. After receiving a DYCP (Developing Your Own Creative Practice) Grant from Arts Council England in 2020, Priya has made her way to Australia via land and sea to partner with Critical Path to design research, collaboration laboratories and exchange in Sydney.

Priya spends her time rich in processes that opens up space for risk, challenging dialogues, growth but also deepening practice. She describes her current methodologies as being “like a laboratory of research-performance and response. Like doing a PhD without the writing, instead I ‘perform my research’. Each time different, with new material evolving through the iterations, actively responding to context, research, site, collaborations and shifts in thinking.

During her Research Residency, Priya will explore with Critical Path notions of laboratory working and ‘Hosting’ spaces when working with Australian Artists, whilst considering how these processes might be developed and diversified in NSW and beyond. 

Priya will be working with key questions in her practice that contemplate the Body as a Vessel and the potential for expressions of the body that are more Psycho, Imagined or even Shamanic.

And nowin the very live and present climate of Covid-19, what is the expanded understanding of these questions, what do they give rise to? Where this might have been a time to learn, absorb and meditate on the process ideation, is it in fact a time for response, for action and if so what might that look like?

Also – What do Artists do all day when the World is shutting down? What does it mean to ‘ work ‘ today in an uncertain future? Do I need to be useful?

Callout: The Body as a  Vessel + a more Psycho,  Imagined and Shamanic practice

Priya, would like to invite:

  • Practicing Artists performance/ Visual Art/ Live Art/ Movement
  • With an Interest or resonance in Themes of Ritual, Shamanic, Psycho, body as a Vessel
  • Those who work with body, performativity, social practices
  • Those working with Performative objects

to work on themes as:

  1. The body as a ‘vessel’ physically and neurologically, holding experience and trauma whilst storing information, impulses and patterns
  2. Does human expression need to be more ‘psycho’, more ‘imagined’, ‘extreme’ or shamanic even?

Practical Information
Location:  Zoom (Online) **You must have online access**
Number of Sessions: 4
Duration: 45mins – 1hr 30mins (including a short break after 40mins)
Dates: 20- 23rd April 2020
Max Number: 6 Artists max – who maybe divided into 2 groups for Zoom

Essential Dates
Deadline:                    Tuesday, 14 April 2020, 12.00pm
You will hear by :        Friday, 17 April 2020
Workshop dates:        20- 23 April 2020

Please complete an EOI by 12pm on Tuesday 14 April 2020.

More about Priya Mistry’s Practice

– Makes provocations and adds discourse in the field of mental health, invisible dis/ability, Identity, POC, Queer and Feminist politics. Deconstructs language whilst exploring sensory/non-word based vocabularies.

– Generates safe and social spaces for explorative modes of exchange, sharing and dialogues for artists, creatives, audiences, publics/ communities. Practices authorship, agency and sustainability in the ways she choose to work, live, make decisions whilst extending this approach to others.

– Invests in Residency and Laboratory style working. Exploring in cycles of Research – Creative Processes – Sharing-Performing- Research. Incites and invites collaborative approaches, embracing risk and the unknown.

– Explores possibilities and choreographies between bodies, objects, spatial planes, architecture. investigates scores of sound, voice, breath and gesture. Rethinks bodies, objects as functional bodies and investigating them as sculptural propositions, as static and moving arrangements.

Artist Social
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Twitter handle: whatsthebigmist

Image credits: DWC Imagery & whatsthebigmistry

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