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Flamenco-contemporary dance practitioner and maker, Annalouise Paul, will spend a week in the Research Room and Drill Hall to reflect on her recent 6-week arts residency at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia, supported by Asialink, and a 4-week working trip to India – Kerala, Kolkata, Manipur and Mumbai.

During her time in Malaysia, Annalouise focussed on her solo flamenco-contemporary practice and developed new choreographic scores for the final section of Mother Tongue, an ensemble work that has been in development for over a decade. She also worked with three local dancers, Bharatanatyam, Chinese, indigenous Malay dance; to workshop the final stage of her DanceDNA movement process, which has been in research since 2014.

India saw Annalouise leading Flamenco skills workshops, attending rehearsals and performing, presenting talks at Max Mueller for The Pickle Factory and offering cross-cultural dance workshops.

Having a week of research and reflection in the Research Room and Drill Hall will give Annalouise the chance to reflect on how this immense travel and interaction with so many communities and cities has impacted on her practice, consider where next with DanceDNA and think about how her dance works can be realised in these countries.

Annalouise will use her time at Critical Path to consolidate the ideas, work and collaborations developed in Malaysia and India. She will collect and collate images, written notes, video documentation and dance, to discover how reflection and processing transfers back into the body, working from memory.

The residency will end with an informal sharing of DanceDNA process and Mother Tongue choreographic material developed at Rimbun Dahan.  Sharing on Sunday 24 November, at 4pm. Open to all. 

Images courtesy of the artist.

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