Research Room

Scotland based artist Luke Pell has worked for a number of years with artists who are on and in the edges of things, art forms, communities, experience.

Luke’s practice as a maker re-maps, re-remembers and re-imagines people, places, politics, and communities through participatory conversations and social choreography; Luke hosts and curates interdisciplinary, intergenerational and intersectional residency and development spaces for thinking through practice and; works as a dramaturg with artists who might be described as outliers. Drawing together seemingly unrelated constellations of bodies and thought to arrive at wisdoms for living.

From October-December Luke will be visiting Australia, spending some time working creatively with three women he recognizes as leading arts innovators in different forms and fields here. He will co-lead a Lab, ‘Being Enough’ with Caroline Bowitch at Arts Access Victoria in Melbourne; attend a residency with Jude Anderson and Punctum in Castlemaine ‘Enquiries and conversations at the edge’ and ending his visit; learning about the Critical Path approach alongside Director, Claire Hicks.

During his time in the Critical Path Research Room Luke Pell will be learning about the way Critical Path works with artists, informing his own practice supporting the development of artists and the art-form, as well as reflecting on his time in Australia and the questions arising regarding the key concerns of his practice –re-imagining loss, the intersection of crip and queer cultures, and outliers and expanded understandings of choreography in the current climate.

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