Research Room: Joel Bray And Bernadette Lewis

In this residency, Joey and Bernadette aim to reconnect with collaborators and make additions to their, “palette”, of which each factor encompasses four components; a task, a physical texture in the body, a proximal relationship and a physical rhythm. These notions will be additionally explored within a workshop with select artists.

An integral provocation to this residency is the investigation of how can one make work that continues the ancestral ritual practice’ without actually knowing what the ritual practices were.

As a proud Wiradjuri man from Orange (Central West NSW), now based in Nam (Melbourne), Joel Bray’s choreography continues a tradition stretching back millennia of work that incorporates the body, the voice, story and object. Currently interested in ritual and ceremony, Joel has been researching the scholarly materials that exist in the depiction of ceremonies of ancestors before they were dismantled by colonial strategies, forbidding the continuation of language and ritual practices.

Now at Critical Path for the first time ever, Joel and Bernadette will be sharing a one-day workshop, En Route with a select group of dancers. In the workshop, Joel and Bernadette will unpack their methodology, and in return seek critical feedback from the participants as a way of further refining it. Find out more here.

This event is free but requires registrations.

Please forward an expression of interest via Survey Monkey by 12pm on Friday 31st May

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