Research Room

“During my time in residence at the research room I intend continue my research of repetition, with a particular concentration on how repetition might reveal plural meanings from a singular body or action.

During a recent residency at Bundanon I came across the writings of Gertrude Stein. I was taken by the approach to repetition, which alluded to a sort of stasis, but did not resist forward movement, diversion or growth. The approach, which exemplified repetition as a means of bringing attention to difference, echoed much of my research for “Assemblies for One Body” but seemed to be sourced from more embodied, or organic relationship to repetition.

Reading works by Stein and other texts from Felix Guattari and Astrid Lorange, I became curious about the co-existence of singularity and plurality in objects and events. Leading into my DAIR residency in September this time in the Research Room will be used to dive deeper into  some of these texts. I think it will be a rich place to enter embodied research about a singular act of dancing, and how that might be at once just that and something potentially radical / limitless.”

Rhiannon Newton

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