Research Room Residency

MAY 19–31 | NOV 3–22

Annalouise will undertake various strands of research related to two works: Self Portrait and Mother Tongue. Over the past decade, several works have emerged from a combination of choreographic research and the development of hybrid processes working with a diversity of dance and music artists from multiple cultural ancestries.

Self Portrait is a solo flamenco-contemporary work. Annalouise will explore the application of sacred rhythm in Sephardi liturgical poetry and music and follow key connection points in flamenco genealogy from the Spanish Inquisition to Franco era, C1478–1975.

Mother Tongue is an ensemble work drawing on body percussion rhythms of multiple cultural dance forms and musical systems of Greg Sheehan. Its fundamental premise on territory and adaptation has engendered the development of a rhythm-based contemporary movement system. Exploring the numerical quality and essential character of rhythm, timbre and pitch (timbre, pitch) through a combination of practical movement, online research and interviews with local scholar/artists, Annalouise will culminate her movement systems and research into an open skills and task-based workshop on numerical/rhythmic systems.

Annalouise Paul has been creating intercultural dance for twenty-five years in London, Los Angeles, Australia and India. She seeks to find the nexus between cultural and contemporary dance that pushes cultural and contemporary dance vocabularies, mechanising live music and theatrical forms.

Open workshop: Saturday 8 November, 12–3pm. Please submit EOIs to [email protected]

Public sharing: Saturday 22 November, 6pm

Photo: Chris Verheyden. (L–R) Annalouise Paul with Cloé Fournier, Michael Pappalardo, Geraldine Balcazar, Tim Crafti in ‘Mother Tongue’ Creative Lab 2013, Bundanon Trust.

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