Research Room Residency

Theo will be in Australia developing Of Land and Tongue, a new double bill for unconventional spaces. His Tanja Liedtke fellowship commissioned solo will be created in collaboration with Rebecca Hilton through a residency at Lucy Guerin Inc, and he will be using the Research Room to prepare the quintet that completes the evening. Theo will spend the week drawing upon and pushing against language, accumulating and researching foreign words that are unable to directly translate into English to identify ‘blind spots’ in our communication, and potentially our cultures, that can act as a springboard for the group work.

Theo Clinkard is a UK based choreographer, performer, designer and Associate Artist at Dance4 and a Resident Artist at Greenwich Dance. Although he has only been choreographing for a little over two years, he has completed eight works to date. Ordinary Courage, the creation that launched his group and toured across the UK, has been selected for presentation at British Dance Edition. Of Land and Tongue premieres in June 2014.

Theo Clinkard. Photo: Pari Naderi

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