Research Room Residency

In this piece Orfee explores a collaboration with composer, Kim Myhr. Bringing together music, video and movement work, Orfee challenges the walls of the room by mapping a physical investigation of the relation between body, sound and space. Is it possible to pulsate space, to enlarge the body, to visualise music? The result is a playful score that tries to activate the spectators’ associations and fantasies. It is also a research project on how different media can dismantle, enlarge or rupture our perceptive field.

Orfee Schuijt is a dancer and maker from France and The Netherlands now based in Norway. She works for various choreographers such as Francesco Scavetta, Keren Levi, Arno Schuitemaker. This is her first solo project in collaboration with the musician and composer Kim Myhr.

Image courtesy Orfee Schuijt


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