Research Room Residency

Jan, Feb

While in residence Raghav, along with collaborators Jacqui Mills (multimedia) and Alli Sebastian Wolf (playwright), will develop further research into KumKum, a multidisciplinary project that explores ideas of lineage, ancestry and the meeting of memories.

KumKum is a powder that signifies the beginnings of new and old and the life cycle in Indian rituals. Made from turmeric or saffron, it is also used for social and religious markings. Through this research period, Raghav will investigate crosscultural layers influencing the project including influences from Australian indigenous and Indian dance; relations to time, landscape and connection; similarities and differences between paint up styles in Aboriginal and Indian cultures and what they signify in today’s terms; and the place of music in traditional and contemporary storytelling.

KumKum had its first development at Freshly Squeezed, a laboratory run by Stage Juice in association with Pact Centre for Emerging Artists in 2012.

Raghav Handa is recipient of the 2013 Jump mentorship program by Australia Council as well as the Kickstart 2013 grant by Next Wave in Melbourne. Over the years he has worked with Vicki Van Hout in various productions as collaborator and performer, as well as Martin del Amo and Marilyn Miller.

KumKum. Photo: Katy Green Loughrey at Freshly Squeezed

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