Research Room Residency

Anna will be exploring ideas around her current project Breathing.

“I am interested in breathing as a very simple action that links everybody. I am interested in the very intimate aspect of it. I am interested in the transcendental experience of deep breathing. I am interested in the two big emotions or states that push breathing to an extreme: passion and fear.”

This research period includes time with dancers Sahra Huby (Belgium) and Quindell Orton (Australia) and an open day for dialogue with other artists.

This work is being developed toward a dance-concert, a body-concert, a musical-choreography, a body-sound-space….a meeting with the composer Nikolay Popov (Russia) and their common interest in breathing.

5 April  10am – 5pm

Anna Konjetzky will share her process with artists interested in ‘breathing’.

Contact Anna: [email protected]

In coproduction with the Muffathalle Munich, supported by the Kulturreferat München, and the Goethe institut St. Petersburg

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