Research Room Residency

Lizzie Thomson will spend time in the research room continuing to look at relationships between dancing and writing. She is interested in unpacking the role that words play in my practice, from generative scores to critical afterthoughts, and experimenting with how these words can reappear as stand-alone text-based works (unspoken).

During her residency, she will work across a group of activities that approach dancing/writing from different perspectives, including further development of a series of animated text video works that apply choreographic tools to animated words; writing her part for a co-authored chapter with Erin Brannigan and Matthew Day on their ongoing research into dance and the visual arts; and returning to an experiment entitled Alphabet Dance (2014), which was part of her Masters research and opened up a space for perceiving the dancing body as an accumulation of words.

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay), Sydney