Cathy Livermore (NZ) and Eric Avery (NSW) will start their first stage of collaboration focusing on intercultural spaces and new media explorations; a pulsating, animated cultural and technological confluence pushing the boundaries of cultures, technology and live performance meeting on stage through dance, sound and imagery.

Kia tiaho he maramatanga
Kia tupu he uri ke te Ao
So that enlightenment may shine and generations may rise.

The WA Project heralds a new dawn of creative potential through intercultural collaboration between Maori, Aboriginal and European worlds. Overlaying ethnic cosmologies and realities across technological potentials old and new to bring the past and future together, we immerse ourselves in the most important story of our time; the story of water. The WA Project animates on stage and screen the seen and unseen worlds of our cultures that flow together into common’s of humanity and shared ecologies that are on the brink of everything possible. Physically visceral bodies in motion will meet the virtual world of image and animation in an uploading of dialogical perceptions diving to explore the depths of what it means to be water, united.

Calling outward and inward into the depths of our cultures we remember, we reach out and we rise with renewed possibilities for quenching the desperate thirst we have today for hope in the face of today’s self-devised global ecological reality. Embracing the myriad of culturally diverse relationships of being with water that have been flowing the continuum of time to now, this unique and innovative artistic project activates an unified voice expressing that which we are and that our future generations rely upon.

In our surrendered willingness to move, dance and transform to the rhythms of our times Eric and Cathy work towards the creation of new expressions that absorb the images of the possible, reflected in the memories of old stories and brought alive in our new technologized realities to resonate through all our waters; We are water and water is life.

Cathy Livermore (Waitaha, Kati Mamoe, Kai Tahu, Northen European) is an artist, educator and activist and healer. Cathy has enjoyed the past 20 years performing, choreographing and teaching around the southern and northern hemisphere beginning in northern NSW and now residing in Auckland

Eric Avery is from the Ngiyampaa, Yuin, Gumbangirri and Bundjalung people of NSW. His practice as an Indigenous Interdisciplinary Artist is based in his Dance and Music.


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