Responsive Research

WeiZen Ho and Joshua Pether draw on stories, experiences and imagination on how ceremonies from traditional societies set up space as a way of accessing their sensitivities.  Through using the concept of Transmission, they will investigate the body as a transmittable medium and walking archive (albeit scrambled), that can observe the unfolding of phenomena when uncovering artefacts and information of the fragmented past, present and future.  The constant question of how to prepare ourselves to be receptive is at the heart of the inquiry.  How far can one modify the structures and sequence of the elements of traditional ritual before it loses its power?  What is the codification and essence of rituals that make it meaningful?

In imagining and creating ‘temporal’ rituals around old connections, they wish to open up ways for those who may not necessarily consider themselves to be within the ‘cultural’ spectrum of society who can access conceptual and imaginative explorations.  This includes exploring and raising questions around our longing for ‘origin-ity’ and what this powerful emotional channel can offer in creative processes.

Weizen and Joshua would like to invite people from different backgrounds, of all ages and abilities who would like to be witnesses and/or participants to performance-rituals and observe a process session for one or up to three days that will take place at the Drill Hall.

Please complete an EOI by 5pm on Monday 9 September 2019.

Image credit: Heidrun Löhr & Caitlin Dear

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Critical Path

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