Responsive Research Residency

Rhiannon will undertake an initial phase of research leading into the Housemate Residency (Dancehouse 2018) to deepen her understanding of the concepts of ‘stewardship’ and ‘sym-poiesis’. She will experiment with how these ideas might be applied to the development of a more sustainable approach to practice. While drawing on feminist perspectives on care and views of the future enabled by science-fiction literature, Rhiannon intends to ground this process in the specific time and place of these residencies by undertaking dedicated research into the social, environmental and historical particularities of the sites she is working on. Such situated knowledge is perhaps key to cultivating the kind of care and embodied memory that might affect a more sustainable ecology for the production of dance and it’s mode of living and changing in and between bodies.

is a Sydney based artist whose choreographic practice concentrates on the live-ness of dance 
and processes of repetition, problematising how a dancing spirit meets economies of production and authorship. Her work considers repetition’s relation to the wild-ness of the body, it’s role in forming ‘dance’ and pursues how these formations might resist models that militarize, commercialize and capitalize the body and it’s dancing. Her choreographies ‘Assemblies for One Body’, ‘Bodied Assemblies’, ‘Doing Dancing’, ‘In T(w)o’ and ‘The Check Point Solo’ have been presented at Brisbane Festival, Dancehouse, Dance Massive Festival, The Lock-Up Gallery, Judson Church (USA), Metro Arts, Firstdraft Gallery, Nagib On Stage (SL), PACT Centre for Emerging Artists and Eyes Wide Festival. She has developed her practice in residencies throughout Australia and abroad with organisations such as Ausdance NSW, Bundanon Trust, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts, Critical Path, Dancehouse, FORM Dance Projects, UNSW Creative Practice Lab, Lo Studio (CH), Movement Research (USA), Nagib (SL), Performing Arts Forum (FR) and Tanzhaus Zürich (CH) with support from
Create NSW, The Australia Council for the Arts and The Ian Potter Foundation.

Image: In T(w)o, Propel Residency Catapult Dance. Image by Alison Baird.

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay), Sydney