Responsive Residency

4–6 Feb, 11–13 Feb, 2–7 Apr, 2–8 Dec 

Space Grant

What would we defend to the death? How have we responded to the death of people who have been significant in our lives? How do we feel about our own death? Is it important? Are there any elements of reincarnation that some of us may believe, are aware of, and are ready for? What is the emotional energy as one nears the dying process? How do we translate these ideas into dance?

Influenced by her Buddhist upbringing, the contemplation of death began at an early age for WeiZen. Concerned that such meditations are vanishing under the pressures of an accelerated lifestyle, WeiZen’s research residency will explore questions of death through developing an improvisational language working from her practice of Pancha Tanmatra.

WeiZen is a performance devisor, composer, instrumentalist and vocalist who started formalising her own choreographic language in 2009 via her multidisciplinary performance project The Borrowed Language, utilising daily work and domestic postures from her South East Asian culture in her ‘dance.

Hungry Ghost, Dybbuk performance devised by WeiZen Ho & Alan Schacher

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Critical Path

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