Responsive Residency

Collaborator: Katherine Doube

FEB 17–23 | MAR 4–9 | OCT 27 – NOV 2

Exploration of (dis)placement as a means of generating a movement vocabulary will be the overarching task of this residency. Based in understandings of human geography – that is, that people change places and places change the lives of people – this research will consider possible kinaesthetic outcomes of geographic (dis)placement.

Drawing on Nerida’s memory of a post-WWII immigrant’s (re)creation of 1940s provincial Austria in suburban Sydney during the 1990s, the research will also employ multiple dance vernaculars (such as Germanic folk dance and contemporary dance genres) to explore connections between places throughout time. This project offers the opportunity to forge interdisciplinary dialogues between dance and human geography that may be of interest to both disciplines. Nerida will be collaborating with Katherine Doube throughout this residency.

Trained at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Nerida is a dancer and choreographer interested in connecting her studies in human geography to her choreographic practice.

Nerida Godfrey photographed by Katherine Doube and Katie Sorrenson

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Critical Path

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