Responsive Residency

Working with Regis Lansac, this research project will draw on video editing techniques, digital printing and projections to consider two themes: the diver and the fall.

In Greek mythology the figure of the diver has always been connected to death. It is suggested that the dive is meant to depict the moment of death. For example describing The Tomb of the Diver at Paestrum in 470 B.C., Cipriani writes: “the diver dives alone, isolated against the sky. There is present all the intensity of the moment of death.”

The fall has been a powerful theme since pre-biblical times. According to Jungian analyst Robert Johnson: “the fall in a Western person’s dream is an event to be trusted and represents a move towards wholeness. The experience of shame and guilt may be seen as achievements as the pursuit of ego driven ideals collapse and conscience matures.”

Meryl Tankard and Regis Lansac have been collaborating together since 1984, creating works involving a strong photographic and video content.

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Critical Path

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