Responsive Residency: Retracing Steps

JAN 27 – FEB 9 | APR 28 – MAY 4

This residency will allow Tanya to deepen choreographic research together with visual artist and collaborator, Kellie O’Dempsey, to investigate ways that audiences connect to their memories, histories and cultures using dance and live performance drawing to create an interactive performance environment. Tanya and Kelly will continue researching a suite of interconnected performance works that involve audience participation, inviting the general public to be co-creators in an immersive experience.

Digital media expert Mic Gruchy will devise digital platforms for interaction between the collaborators, and between the performers and audience before, during and after the performance. Dramaturg Martyn Coutts will facilitate the exploration of the performance strategies to best include the audience in witnessing the re-telling of their own stories. Meanwhile, cognitive psychologist Dr Kate Stevens will provide provocations around the subject of memory, and conduct testing on audience responses to the act of participation.

Sydney based choreographer Tanya Voges creates dance theatre works that are inclusive, immersive and expand the theatrical space. Through interdisciplinary collaborations she brings dance outside the traditional framework of the theatre with a focus on audience engagement.

Photo: Tanya Voges. Choreography: Tanya Voges. Visuals: Kellie O’Dempsey from Erasure DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab 2013. Performers: Jessie Hoeschle and Hayley Michener

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