Responsive Residency

Patricia Wood

Choreographer Patricia Wood and composer Benedict Carey will work together, remotely, for a collective research, under the framework of Mimetic/Memetic Practice for their Critical Path Responsive Residency.

Through a physical process of exchange, they will look closely at the nuanced relationship between sound, technology and choreography. They will develop a unified and dynamic language that will emerge between and beyond them utilising the production of scores and creative frameworks, mediated by the authoring and co-reading of various kinds of scores. Writer, filmmaker and body practitioner Cleo Mees, will join them for the second week to embody another feedback loop by participating in attempt to physicalise a resonant field where information is tenuously negotiated and articulated between them.

The artists worked on 15-19 April and continue to work on 09-14 May 2020.

Images by
Cleo Mees and Benedict Carey 

On Friday 2 October, Patricia Wood, Benedict Carey and Cleo Mees held a sharing of their research from their Responsive Residency.

Benedict Carey, Patricia Wood and Cloe Mees standing side by side with open palms on their side in the Drill Hall

Patricia Wood in the Drill Hall dancing. Patricia is wearing sunglasses, a blue shirt and black pants.

Benedict Carey, Patricia Wood and Cloe Mees in the background of the image, with a small audience in the foreground of the image. The audience are seated on black chairs and are seated with plenty of space between them for COVID-safety.

Images: Kristen Elias


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Critical Path

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