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Small Space Grant

Sophia Ndaba

Critical Path offers small space grants to artists in need where The Drill Hall might be available for short periods of time.


Sophia Ndaba was in The Drill for a five day Space grant in May for her choreographic research

“I’m compelled to make dance work that can be felt by all and that somehow has a universal resonance. I do this by looking at what is common in our human experience as inspiration. I’ve formalised the practice into 3 universal themes:

Archetype | Environment | Object

…In order to tap into the common human experience authentically, it feels right for the practitioner to access what is already within. This makes the research less about a digestion or an analysis of a lot of information and more a trigger to recall and evoke from within”

Image credits: Mashum Liberta
Dancers:: Josie Cullen, Taiga Kita-Leong and Callum Mooney


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